Ordering Macarons

Our Macarons are made with Organic Cage-Free Eggs.
We do not use artificial colors.

Allergy warning: Macarons contain almonds and eggs.  Macarons are dairy-free and gluten-free unless specified otherwise.  (allergy disclaimer at bottom of page)

12 macaron minimum for pre-orders. For orders with 24+ macarons, they are offered at a discounted price of 2.20ea for pre-orders. Orders with fewer than 24 macarons are 2.35ea.

Orders must be made
at least two weeks before pickup date.

Submitting this form is not the same as placing an order until we confirm with you via email that we can fit your order request into our schedule.

Macaron Pre-order Request Form
If you don't see the flavor you'd like, let us know! We love experimenting with new macaron flavors.

  • Macarons must be refrigerated as soon as possible after pick-up. Please let us know if you will be traveling farther than 30 minutes with your Macarons.
  • Macarons are meant to be consumed within two days of pickup.
  • Allergy disclaimer: Every attempt is made to prevent the cross-contamination of possible food allergens in our in-house  products. However, along with certain allergen-friendly products, our small kitchen produces baked goods and sandwiches that contain nuts, wheat, eggs, and dairy. As such, we cannot guarantee that products  with allergen-friendly listings do not contain small amounts of the allergen. Even so, we expect all food allergies related to the order be communicated with us by the customer ahead of time.