Do you offer gluten-free products?

While we do offer gluten-free items and do our best to prevent any cross-contamination, we are not a dedicated gluten-free facility.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our products are safe for people with more severe gluten intolerance, such as celiac disease.

Do you accept Table Reservations?

We do not currently accept table reservations.  Partly due to the pandemic, but also because we are so limited in space available for seating due to the size of our building.  Tables are first-come-first-served.  On a similar note, we cannot accommodate private event space.

Is Agora dog-friendly?

We love dogs!  However, the Health Department does not allow dogs inside the coffee shop unless they are working service animals required because of a disability. We do, however, have an outdoor patio that is dog friendly.  Per the Health Department, dogs must be leashed at all times and are not allowed on the tables or chairs – inside or outside.

What is your Return Policy?

We’re proud to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our drinks; if you give something a try and don’t like it, let us know and we’ll make you something else!  We have a large variety of unique drinks on our menu and while all of them are loved, we understand not every drink is for everybody.  It’s important to us that everyone feels they can take a chance trying a unique drink, and it’s also important to us that everyone leaves happy with what they have.

Since our locally handmade gift items are at Agora on consignment, any returns must be made within five days so we can pass their money to them.

We cannot accept returns on our packaged food products (such as honey or coffee beans).

Are you hiring?

Unless we announce it, we might not be currently hiring.  However, we always accept applications in case the need shall arise.  Applications can be found by clicking here and may be emailed to info@agoradowntown.com or brought into Agora in person. We are proud to offer health insurance for full-time employees.

When do you have macarons?

Since macarons have to go through an aging process and they’re often unique flavors we haven’t done prior, we aren’t always sure about which macarons will be ready which day until that day comes.

If you’re interested in purchasing more, we recommend placing an order with our kitchen.  We request orders for macarons to be made at least two weeks before pickup, and orders may be requested by clicking here.

Can I reserve the back room for a private event?

Due to the narrowness of our building, the handicap-accessible restroom being located on the opposite side of the back room, and how busy we are on a daily basis, we unfortunately cannot reserve the back room for private events and are rarely able to host events due to a severe lack of space.  We do recommend reaching out to the 718 Venue (located on the same street as us) if you’re looking for a place to host your event!